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Booth Decoration

 What is Booth Decoration ?

Booth decoration is a powerful tool which is directly related to the creativity of the decorator and designers. This is not only an architectural structure but also an incredible idea to make the difference and make that architectural structure something to attract the ones who can change the future of business.

Why do we need booth decorator?


The most important factor in attracting visitors in exhibitions is booth decoration specially the first 3 seconds. The stand and the booth should be attractive and eye-catching at the first sight. In visitor’s opinion, if a company doesn’t have anything to show outward, it doesn’t have any special feature inside. It might be ridiculous but nowadays attraction & beauty talks.

Showing abilities & capacities

Booth Decoration is a kind of window show to showcase all activities, technics and ideas of both companies. Creativity, designation and decoration of a booth identify the accuracy, finesse, management, marketing & sale strategies, potential, capacities and also abilities of the company which a visitor passes by. This issue can empower visitor’s decision making abilities.

Sustainability in mind

An understandable, attractive, impressive decoration can be very influential so that the visitors remember the products and services which had been introduced to them by effective designation. One of the most important elements of exhibition is sustainability in minds and success of the exhibition can be evaluated by this factor.

What does Star System do?

Star System uses the best creative specialists of booth decoration and designing who have the great ideas to demonstrate your products & services and make visitors to understand that this one is what we needed and we have searched for when they pass beside your booth.





About Us


Star systems was established in 1999 and it is one of the leading companies in developing and producing web and windows based software and solutions.


Address: 1202 Aspect tower (executive tower D), Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai - Dubai - UAE

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