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Double Decker stands

Believe in delivering the very best double deck stand design solution for your exhibiting needs. We offer 360 degree solutions for larger stand spaces for exhibitions. With several years of experience in providing exhibition stands to a wide cross-section of businesses, we are able to use our extensive consultancy and project management skills to produce the most cost-effective and dramatic stand for your specific requirements. Specially while working with big budget stands, we aim at maximizing ROI and help you plan how to spend your money. We manufacture our own stands and this enables us to easily source the right stand solution for your exhibiting objectives and budget while maintaining strict quality control.

Looking for something special to get better response of your visitors to exhibit in bigger exhibition booth? Our double deck exhibition stands can be matched with pre-engineered decks, bridges and stairs along with graphic or solid panels and other accessories for your exhibition design.
Our Double Deck Stand Display have pre-engineered structures to meet the requirements of convention center requirements which helps to assemble fast. Though other shapes and sizes are available, we already have pre-engineered kits to show you most common stand sizes for the quick overview to get best exhibition solutions.
While using our large double deck stands, you just need to start by selecting a stair configuration and deck size as per your requirements. Note that, a large double deck in most of the cases having one stairway have a capacity of maximum 9 occupants. So, if you are planning for the larger deck as per this standard, you should have more stairways in general scenario.
Our specialist team of engineers are able to handle structural drawings and load calculations that meets the convention center safety parameters and we undertake the responsibility to get the required approvals from the organizers and convention centre authorities. We are also equipped with large warehouse facility to do multiple double deck mock ups prior to actual build up.
Building large double deck stands without any risk needs in depth experience and expertise, which we have gained by building huge double deck stands in Dubai world trade Centre, Iran International Exhibitions Centers and other convention centres in the region.





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Address: 1202 Aspect tower (executive tower D), Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai - Dubai - UAE

Tel: +9714 - 3591800

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