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Maxima Modular stands

 We are a specialist in design and build up of outstanding modular exhibition stands. Our most of the clients are seeking exhibition stands that’s stand out with in a minimum budget range.

We have a very modular exhibition stands and can easily unite showcases, light boxes, gantries, lockable storage and lots of other options to have a bespoke finish in very economical budget. Its key advantage is that stand panels can be easily re-used and stored in numerous formations again and again; making future displays even more economical and guaranteeing sustained awareness of brand at each and every event or exhibition. Our Design Manger will design your modular exhibition stand to the dimensions of the space booked and using our graphic designers we can tailor the panels to fit with your corporate identity.

In case you have scheduled exhibitions on regular basis and all are playing very vital role, then surely you must have an exhibition stand that brand your company apart from the other exhibitor stands and looks totally unique. Strokes Exhibits has a very food capability of offering modular display stands and systems for promotional circumstances and events.

We can also offer artwork having specific sizes which you can easily Velcro down or drop in to your shell scheme panels. To manufacture your whole modular display or build flawless advertising mix, we can work with your own design team.


After finalizing the exhibition stand frame works, we can deliver up-to-date graphics having specific size for your newest promotion or we will suggest any of your artwork to make your modular display stand more attractive. Modular display stands, in normal scenario have small fold up stands and much advertising space as possible.

Our team of professionals will work with you to display your branding and message on all sides of your exhibition space to make it sure that visitors who will pass or interact will remember for a long time about your brand.

We ensure you that your message and branding is displayed all sides of your exhibition space so that people who interrelate and pass by will remember what your brand is and more significantly what it does.


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Address: 1202 Aspect tower (executive tower D), Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai - Dubai - UAE

Tel: +9714 - 3591800

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